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Mr. X, born in an ordinary family, has a keen interest in bicycles. In 2005, he founded the SOODOO bicycle brand. With the con- cept of "customer-centric, quality for survival, innovation for development", he is committed to providing high-quality, high-performance bicycle products.

Under the leadership of Mr. X, SOODOO Bicycle brand has gradu- ally established a good reputation in the market. Their product line includes mountain bikes, road cars, folding cars, etc., with reasonable prices and good quality, they have won the love of consumers.

As an entrepreneur passionate about public welfare, Mr. X ac- tively promotes environmentally friendly travel and a green and low-carbon lifestyle. He led and organized many public welfare activities and made his own contribution to the progress and development of society.

In the future, Mr. X will continue to lead the SOODOO Bike team,X
committed to providing better products and services, so that more people enjoy the fun of cycling.



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